Who’s Driving?

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Self Development, Self Discovery
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Are you the driver of your life, or, are you driven?

Do you choose your own path, or, are you dependent on others to choose the path for you? How do you know which path to take?

To be able to choose your own path, to be able to steer your own life, you need to know your current position. Knowing where you stand and acknowledging it requires you to step back from whatever you are mindlessly pursuing and observe yourself mindfully.

A compass is of no use to the mariner if he doesn’t know his current position, for, determining the direction he wants to take is always with reference to his current position.

What is your point of reference?

The point of reference has to take into account the multiple dimensions of your being. The physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. Focusing on just one dimension to the exclusion of others is like expecting your car to take you to your destination smoothly with one wheel in good condition and the remaining wheels in states of neglect.

For you to become an expert driver of your life, it is essential for all the three dimensions to be perfectly aligned.

Having fixed your points of references across the three dimensions, you have to define your destination, again with respect to the three dimensions. This is important, for, without knowing where you want to go, you will be just aimlessly drifting.

Now, you need to muster everything in you capacity to start moving towards your destinations simultaneously across the three dimensions.

You begin by meandering, to get a feel of the direction you are taking. Nobody ever knows beforehand the correct direction one has to take. You discover the direction as you move along.

The important step is to start, for you will discover your way as you move.

You are now in the driver’s seat.


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